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Write AI Powered Code

Say goodbye to the hassle of writing code manually. With Codactor, you can write code faster and smarter than ever before. Our revolutionary code editor is fully integrated with the GPT API, enabling you to create AI-assisted code that is both accurate and efficient.

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Seamless Integration with IntelliJ

Elevate your IntelliJ experience to new heights with our Codactor plugin. Harness AI-powered code generation, multi-file management, and unique coding modes directly into your favorite IDE. A smarter, more efficient, and intuitive coding experience is just an install away.

Cutting-edge Codebase Comprehension

With Codactor's deep reading capabilities, unlock a panoramic view of your project's architecture. Dive deep into the code's DNA and emerge with strategic insights that propel your project forward.

Advanced deep reading inquiry

Multiple Modes

Our code editor offers a range of modes, each designed to perform specific code actions that produce powerful results. Each mode offers a unique set of tools and features, giving you the freedom to choose the one that suits your specific coding needs. With Codactor, you'll have the power to write AI-powered code on your own terms.


Whether you need to generate new code from scratch or create an entire application framework, our powerful "Create" feature will help you do it in a snap. Simply input your requirements, hit the button, and let Codactor work its magic. With advanced AI algorithms and natural language processing capabilities, our code editor can create high-quality code that is tailored to your specific needs. So sit back, relax, and let Codactor handle the hard work for you - your perfect code is just a click away.


"Write a two player game of tic tac toe in python"

Codactor Understands Context

Other coding assistants falter at the nuance of context—Codactor excels. It remembers past modifications and inquiries, aligning with your project's evolution to provide tailored insights. This is context-aware coding assistance redefined, turning your history into a blueprint for smarter suggestions and precise fixes.

Advanced deep reading inquiry

You're Invited

Join the revolution of AI-assisted coding with Codactor today and experience faster, more efficient, and error-free coding. Sign up now and take the first step towards a new era of AI-powered code.