Visual Code Generation

Introducing Codactor’s upcoming UML Builder feature—turning system diagrams into functional code, specializing in the use of LLMs.

Prototype of Codactor's upcoming diagram feature

Codactor’s trailblazing UML Builder feature is set to redefine LLM project development. We aim to break the barrier between abstract system diagrams and dynamic, LLM-optimized codebases. In the future we aim to have diagrams like these able to seamlessly integrate with codactor functionality. We are hoping this can be used either to make custom circuits/functions for Codactor, or to export functional LLM language chain code. Users will be able to create these diagrams simply by creating an .svg file in our intellij plugin and viewing it in our custom svg editor. You can even test this now in our current release. Warning: Buggy and minimally developed in its current state. UML Diagram file saving is not yet implemented.

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