Codactor IntelliJ Plugin

Our plugin allows you to use Codactor's powerful features directly in your favorite IDE.

GPT Functions Integration

Experience the future of coding with the Inquiry Functions feature, all managed through our Inquiry chat. Your inquiries can now perform complex operations to read, write, and manage your code for you.

Codactor in action

What can Inquiry Functions do?

  • Review Code Files

    Codactor can read the contents of the currently selected code file in the Intellij editor, read a code file given its path or its package in the project directory, and read the file directory structure at provided path.
  • Modifications and Inquiries

    Codactor can get a list of recent historical modification IDs and inquiry IDs, read the contents of a file modification given its ID, and read the contents of a queued modification given its position in the queue.
  • Manage Queued Modifications

    Codactor can retry a queued modification or remove queued modifications.
  • File Modifications

    Codactor can request a new file modification to be processed by the file modifier 'LLM. This can involve modifying existing code or fixing an error. Codactor can also create new code where none existed before. Additionally, Codactor can request these modifications and wait for a response.
  • File Creation

    If you need a new file, Codactor can request a new file to be created following a provided description that will be processed by the file modifier LLM, and wait to review the code it suggests.
  • File Deletion

    If you no longer need a file, I can request a file deletion.
  • Run programs

    If you want to run a program file and read its command line output, I can do that by providing the path to the file and the interpreter language.

Watch the Inquiry Function feature at work