Building a GPT Powered Rogue-Like Game

We took Codactor's Multi-File Create feature for a spin and ended up with a fully featured, GPT powered, rogue-like game that showcases the speed, accuracy, and flexibility of developing with Codactor...

A terminal containing the rogue like text adventure game

Scaffolding the Project

Creating a new game from scratch can be a daunting task, but with Codactor's Multi-File Create feature, we can quickly scaffold the project and start building our rogue-like game in no time. By simply selecting the 'Create Files' mode, we can generate multiple files with all at once, allowing us to focus on the game's logic rather than boilerplate code.

A screenshot of the input prompt

First we prompt Codactor to create the game.

A view of the outputted directory

And within minutes we have all of the files required for our game.

Squashing the Bugs

GPT-powered code generation is a powerful tool, but it's not perfect. As we began building our rogue-like game, we encountered a few bugs that needed to be squashed. Fortunately, Codactor's 'Fix' feature made it easy to identify and correct these issues. By selecting 'Fix' from the input box, Codactor analyzes our code and provides us with suggestions for fixing syntax errors, variable naming conventions, and other common issues.

A fix command to fix a class implementation error

Here we're fixing a class implementation error.

A modify command that updated the code to use the openai library

Here we're updating our code to properly use the openai library.

Coding Has Never Been This Easy

And that's it! Our entire game is done and ready to be played. With features like Multi-File Create and Fix, we were able to quickly scaffold our project, squash bugs, and create an amazing rogue-like game in just a few simple commands. With Codactor, we can spend less time on menial coding tasks and more time on building amazing games that showcase the power of AI. Whether we're building games, web applications, or anything in between, Codactor is the ultimate tool for developers who want to take their skills to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Join the Codactor community today and start coding smarter.